About the client

Alliander stands for an energy supply that gives everyone access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy under equal conditions.

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Our contribution

As Team Lead charging infrastructure and policy at Alliander, our consultant bore the responsibility for optimally facilitating the charging infrastructure for electric cars. During this period, he performed various activities: adding the right number of charging points per location, researching and applying of policy measures that influence charging behavior and researching and applying new smart charging methods.In addition, he was responsible for the contact and cooperation with charging station supplier Allego.

During this assignment, our consultant performed various other activities: he researched charging needs, looked for innovative charging solutions, wrote policy documents, provided communication and advice regarding size and type of charging infrastructure. Finally, he had taken supplier management under his wing. The result of all this was an advisory report and an action plan on the efficient use of charging infrastructure and the promotion of good charging behaviour.